Minute of the zoom meeting held on the 19th October, 2020 and started at about 10:02pm 10/27/2020 3:28:59 AM

The CEO in person of Samson Abayomi welcomed everyone to the meeting and appreciated everyone for their understanding and patience all through these past weeks.

He explained how the actions taken by investors on the company unfortunately led to the further delay of payment of capital to all investors who had requested.
He also, pleaded with all investors that in as much as everyone has the right to be angry and push for legal actions against the company, such acts should not be done as it will only lead to the further delay of capital refund as well as ROI payment.

He went ahead to state that as a result of the actions taken by investors, the company's account link to the Forex market has been frozen and until the issue has been resolved, he(CEO) has to trade using alternate accounts until he is able to generate enough funds to pay investors back their capital and also to continue with payment of ROI, he pleaded that investors give him this week to trade on the alternate account so that funds could be raised to pay investors their capital pending when the issue gets resolved in the bank. This he stated has unfortunately caused the delay which we now face as a company. He went further to once more plead with investors who may still wish to result to legal actions against the company as their actions will undoubtedly cause even greater harm to investors funds and cause much more delay.


The CEO went ahead to the answer the questions which investors asked during the meeting concerning issues as stated above.

In addressing the matters that arose as stated above, the CEO resolved on the following way forward:
- Capital refund/Payment will commence from 24th October,2020 and will be concluded on the 31st October,2020

- ROI payment will also begin concurrently with refunds, on the 24th October, 2020 till 31st October, 2020. He went ahead to state that all ROIs that have been due during this period before the pause on ROI reading, will be paid during this time frame of 24th October - 31st October, after which on the 3rd November, 2020 all other ROIs will continue to read from where they stopped and so on until the next due dates

- The CEO also announced that the company has received clearance from the EFCC which has now allowed for us to deal with huge amounts of money in and out of our accounts without fear of being flagged as fraud or being restricted. As a result, investors can now request for their PRO PLAN ROI using their local account details or Bit coin wallet, depending on which is convenient for them.

Finally, the CEO went ahead to thank all investors for their trust, patience, understanding and  support so far. SAMTOS is here to stay and we are going no where.
The meeting came to a end at about 11:09pm

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